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first snow of the second winter
short film, 2022

This film was shot in November 2022 in Irpin, a town near Kyiv, which was under Russian occupation during the first month of war. The day I went there, the first snow started, and I realised that the second winter of the full-scale war is approaching. Audio materials are the dreams of Ukrainians during the first 3 months of the full-scale invasion, voiced by the dreamers.

Between before and after /war/
short film, 2022

When they don't let us take a step forward,

We learn to fly

Spiderweb for Shelter and Hunt
short film, 2020

Daughter, mother and grandmother go on a dreamlike journey to rediscover family roles, explore roots and search for routes in life.

To fly, spider needs to create a thread and surrender to the wind. Spiderweb becomes his main creation and the only way to interact with the world, it is his shelter and his tool to hunt.

INEVIT(ABILITY) or I am not tall enough
short film, 2019

This is a Dream about Reality
In which Reality becomes a Dream