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I always strived to combine my artistic practice with teaching. Teaching is the only activity besides art that doesn’t make me feel divided, but unites and develops with my artistic practice; a possibility to share, exchange, and see art filmmaking practices from different perceptive through it; to learn and develop with the students and create together in the process of collaboration.


Back in Ukraine, I started teaching by giving some art workshops at children's orphanages and in Teenagers Club.  Shortly before the war started, I curated an art film course for teenagers in the artistic-theatrical club DetiBezSeti (Diyaty). Currently, I am developing my teaching practice in Germany and already gave workshops at Theater der Jungen Welt in Leipzig, and Film Arche School in Berlin, and in collaboration with Nena e.V. in Berlin. I also lead Kreativ-AG (art lessons) in Theodor-Storm-Schule in Berlin.


In my workshops I share my vision and methodology of work, starting point being the unique knowledge and experience I can give. I combine theoretical and practical inputs with a focus on making. I balance the process of learning and exploring and at the same time strive to have an artistic outcome (video art experiments, short film, screening/exhibition). We work both individually and in groups. On the level of the individual, my goal is to help students explore their unique visions, stories,  and ways to tell them, the starting point being their inner world. On the group level, we work as a film production team. 


In my workshops, filmmaking is a way to research, learn and discover the inner and outer world, new perspectives and ways to tell and share them - through the medium of video/film. 


I give such formats of workshops:

  • one day workshop (4-6 hours)

  • two days workshops (3-4h  x 2)

  • short courses (1-3 months, 4-12 workshops)


Possible specifications of workshops:

  • art film workshop

  • stop-motion workshops

  • art film/stop motion workshop with a focus on the theme/subject 


My workshops are adapted to these groups:

  • teenagers (divided into younger and older groups between 11 and 18 y.o.)

  • young people (both interested and professional audiences)

  • general public (gathered for the workshop) 

  • existing collectives (groups, clubs, schools, universities)

The Unexpected Finding-low.gif

Student's works

Friendship. 10 hours before the war.

Workshop at "Deti Bez Seti" studio, Kyiv

Directed by Anya, 11 y.o.

The world in a suitcase

Workshop organised with Nena e.V.

Directed and edited by Dariia, 15 y.o.

TRUTH. A short film about freedom and truth on individual and social levels.

Workshop at "Polis" theatrical studio, Leipzig

Directed by Andrii, 17 y.o.

Artistic experiments

Workshops at "Polis" and "Arche Film School"

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